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feeling creeped out in a good way from Hazel Perryman’s drawings

Henry Hoover surprise party.
Build a Fort
Mr Universe!
floral silhouette by Adam Hancher

Here is my Image for the new nature themed issue of the wonderful WRAP MAGAZINE. 
my latest illustration for Open Skies Magazine
the excellent DADU SHIN!
Nice pencil work by Helena Ohlsson
love how sparse the photographic illustrations of Andrew B. Myers are…

Process of making ‘Out of Office’
(if anybody’s interested?)

I start by dressing up and taking a bunch of embarrassing reference photos.

Then I choose a photo that has a good composition to draw and the right personality for the piece.

First I copy that photo in pencil…
Then I trace it on a lightbox with a 0.1 pen (i make a lot of mistakes here)
I scan the inked drawing and clean it up on photoshop with the brush tool.

With the character finished I start to sketch out the background.

Then I ink the individual elements of the background.


In Photoshop I colour the background with the paint bucket tool and remove the outlines. (not a very professional technique)

I experiment with a horizontal layout, different colours and scale down the character. But eventually go back to my original choices… surprise surprise!

I try out different fonts for the typography.

Once everything is in place I add textures:
printmaking texture from paint & roller
the same texture inverted
and an old piece of paper I scanned.

The Final Piece!

In total:

I took 29 photos
did 9 pencil drawings
4 ink drawings
and an astonishing 283 photoshop files (YIKES!)
for 1 finished piece

This process took about 3 days x

I really want to make another book…
Andy Carter
Dumbo! (from serious)

Cover Financial Times 

FT Weekend Magazine:
Creative consultant Mark Leeds
Art director Paul Tansley

Art Editor: Shannon Gibson
PhotoEditor: Emma Bowkett