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Process of making ‘Out of Office’
(if anybody’s interested?)

I start by dressing up and taking a bunch of embarrassing reference photos.

Then I choose a photo that has a good composition to draw and the right personality for the piece.

First I copy that photo in pencil…
Then I trace it on a lightbox with a 0.1 pen (i make a lot of mistakes here)
I scan the inked drawing and clean it up on photoshop with the brush tool.

With the character finished I start to sketch out the background.

Then I ink the individual elements of the background.


In Photoshop I colour the background with the paint bucket tool and remove the outlines. (not a very professional technique)

I experiment with a horizontal layout, different colours and scale down the character. But eventually go back to my original choices… surprise surprise!

I try out different fonts for the typography.

Once everything is in place I add textures:
printmaking texture from paint & roller
the same texture inverted
and an old piece of paper I scanned.

The Final Piece!

In total:

I took 29 photos
did 9 pencil drawings
4 ink drawings
and an astonishing 283 photoshop files (YIKES!)
for 1 finished piece

This process took about 3 days x

I really want to make another book…
Andy Carter
Dumbo! (from serious)

Cover Financial Times 

FT Weekend Magazine:
Creative consultant Mark Leeds
Art director Paul Tansley

Art Editor: Shannon Gibson
PhotoEditor: Emma Bowkett

A golden tomb
most excellent linework from Jack Cunningham
Man’s Best Friends
Geoff McFetridge
Great T-shirt design by Jim Stoten
great poster from Hudson Powell. via baubauhaus
Joost Warte
Stefan Glerum’s work is incredible!
Behind the Scenes